Web Design

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Some of the Professional Web Services in which I can serve you are mentioned below:

  • Web Design using WordPress
  • E-commerce websites (Fully Integrated Online Stores with Database)
  • Custom Website Development
  • WordPress theme both free and premium
  • HTML, CSS Templates
  • Web Design using React JS, MongoDB, Express, Node JS


A list of some websites which I have designed and developed are mentioned below:

  • Online Based Education Website (Premium Theme) Click Here
  • E-Commerce Website 1 (Premium Theme) [Not so much content is here. Currently working on it as the previous version of site is totally removed for updating the theme and wordpress version] Click Here
  • E-Commerce Website 2 for Alibaba Click Here
  • E-Commerce Website 3 Click Here
  • Online News Site 1 Click Here
  • Online News Site 2 (hosting expired) Click Here
Demo site for client:
Currently working on:
  • Website for WASAQ Foundation (Donation Site)
  • Website for Taqwa International School 
  • Website for Queryclub (A forum site)